Echelon is a constellation of resources to build companies in a world shaped by data and climate.

Echelon Capital - Pre-seed & seed venture capital. [News]

Echelon Operating - Pre-VC & non-VC companies & shared services. Certified B-Corp Pending. [Web Log]

Echelon DS - Data science co-innovation partnerships. [Web Log]

State Bank of Wyoming - Front row seat to U.S. Federal Reserve; routing number 102306479. [Call Report]

We aspire to protect and perpetuate our Nonzero Values, mathematical elements of a fully-aligned row echelon matrix.

We celebrate wins for our ecosystem every Friday at 5 p.m. United States Pacific time at Happy Minute for 60 seconds. Join us and make the most of every weekend.

We see you out there. We are continually looking for people who want to partner with us and share in our camaraderie, and enthusiastically encourage you to correspond directly with us at or engage on LinkedIn or Twitter when you are ready to share an obsession or just celebrate life together.