We are beginning to see technology disrupt the energy industry at an accelerated pace.

We began by looking to answer a few fundamental questions: Can we use earth abundant, safe materials like zinc to store energy electrically? Can we store energy from an electron at the lowest possible cost? And can we scale that energy from the few Whs needed for cellphones to the hundreds of MWhs needed to power cities? Rechargeable zinc batteries, and in particular zinc-air batteries, have long been considered the “Holy grail” of energy storage due to their low cost and safe, environmentally friendly materials.

Long term, we see a clear path to a very low-cost battery option that would be disruptive to the entire energy industry.

What else can we expect to see from NantEnergy in 2019 and beyond? Our usage of the metal zinc in NantEnergy’s zinc-air batteries has already resulted in important technological advancements for energy storage.

Dr. Soon-Shiong is surgeon and health industry pioneer who considers energy storage an important and necessary technology to improve people’s lives.

Ramkumar Krishnan, NantEnergy’s Chief Technology Officer, joined the company in 2008 and leads product and R&D teams in the development of the company’s game-changing rechargeable and long duration metal air energy storage technology.

Prior to NantEnergy, Dr. Krishnan was a member of the technical staff in the Energy Technology Laboratory of Motorola’s Embedded Systems Research Laboratories in Tempe, Arizona.