In this episode of our Cleantech Talk podcast interview series, Kyle Field sits down with the founder of Zero Mass Water, Cody Friesen, about the significant improvements the company has made with its new Rexi Hydropanels.

Zero Mass Water founder and CEO Cody Friesen launched Zero Mass Water on the premise that his expertise in material science could effectively decouple the water supply for humans from the weather.

In the last year alone, the team at Zero Mass Water has shrunk down their Hydropanels to nearly half the size in their new Rexi panels.

These panels are letting customers around the world ditch bottled water for good with their very own source of pure water.

Zero Mass Water analyzes the water in realtime to ensure each and every drop of water produced is perfect.

Much like photovoltaic solar brought energy freedom for those in developed and developing areas of the world, Zero Mass Water’s Hydropanels are not simply for the affluent.

Scaling up from rooftop residential installations of two or three panels, Zero Mass Water is now installing panels at scale in what they’re calling Source Fields.