SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Zero Mass Water, Inc., the pioneering company making drinking water a renewable resource through its SOURCE Hydropanels, today announced that it has rebranded and reincorporated as SOURCE Global, PBC – a Public Benefit Corporation.

SOURCE Hydropanels produce high-quality, potable water using only sunlight and air, to provide sustainable drinking water for industrial, commercial, residential and community applications.

As part of its PBC charter, SOURCE formalizes its commitment to technology specifically built for social equity, with a focus on solving one of humanity’s greatest challenges: ensuring people in all geographies and economic status have access to the same high quality drinking water.

As a case in point, in Bahia Hondita, Colombia, the company installed 156 SOURCE Hydropanels to bring renewable water to more than 300 residents of the Wayuu Tribe eliminating the six-mile daily journey to haul clean water.

“Over the company’s five-year history, we have implemented SOURCE Hydropanels in 45 countries. As the first truly renewable global SOURCE of safe drinking water we have the ability to reach people around the world who lack access to potable water, have variability in supply, or are concerned about the quality of their infrastructure,” said Cody Friesen, the company’s founder and CEO. “Our new name, SOURCE Global, PBC, is a clear reflection of our vision to perfect water for every person, every place.”

Global water stress, climate change and vulnerabilities in water infrastructure are dynamics that expand the need for renewable water solutions, solutions that SOURCE is uniquely positioned to deliver while driving significant positive social and environmental impact.