In 2014, the company acquired solar module maker Silevo, and is building an enormous production facility in Buffalo, New York.

Last year, the Swiss-based solar company Airlight Energy struck an agreement with IBM to utilize Big Blue’s technologies and begin deploying what they callSunflowers”-or what are officially known as High Concentration Photovoltaic Thermal systems.

Nowhere is the potential of solar power brighter than in Africa, where hundreds of millions of people have poor grid connections-or no electricity at all.

Azuri’sPaygosystem allows rural residents to pay small monthly installments for a solar panel that can generate enough electricity for two lights and a mobile phone.

One weakness of renewable power sources like solar and wind are their intermittency-the sun doesn’t always shine, and the wind doesn’t always blow.

For boosting the potential of solar energy by reducing the cost of its panels.

The Bedford, Massachusetts, manufacturer-its name derives from the amount of solar energy that on average hits a square meter of the earth’s surface-is attempting to revolutionize the production of solar wafers, the active component in solar PV panels.