Workspace sharing firms, particularly across Asia, have landed major funding rounds in recent months.

That doesn’t mean investors have ignored the FinTech side of the B2B market with funding landing at eProcurement, auditing, alternative finance and other players.

Last month, Awfis and WeWork – both workspace sharing startups – landed big funding rounds, and IndiQube did the same a month prior.

Another China-based workspace sharing company, Ucommune, announced funding to the tune of $43.5 million this week, reports in TechNode said.

Reports did not say how the company plans to use the funds, but noted its acquisition spree that led to the takeover of co-working company Workingdom, which it purchased for $43.5 million.

The company also acquired industry rivals New Space, Woo Space and Wedo Union, signaling consolidation in China’s workspace sharing industry as players compete to secure new funding and market dominance.

The funding included Be Angels, BAN Vlaanderen, B2BOOST and other angel investors.