BOSTON Here are the amazing stats: An undefeated season, no team has scored a point against them, Super Bowl winners, and they’re not done yet.

They’re the Junior Raiders fifth grade football team in Wellesley.

They’re ten or eleven years old and playing their hearts out, 10-0 for their Super Bowl season.

We are undefeated and unscored upon so far. Our season score is 312 to nothing, so our strategy all season has been, if they can’t score, they can’twin,” Broggi says.

If they win there, they play for the big one, the state championship.

It gets you smarter with memorizing plays. It teaches you how to be leader, and I just love playing the sport,” says quarterback Robbie Broggi.

When the season’s over, I’ll still be playing with my friends,” says Cole Pastore.