It’s tough to call a garbage logistics company aSexy startup,” but with an $800 million valuation, board members like Leonardo DiCaprio and David Plouffe, and big-name investors including CEO of Salesforce and the co-founder of Uber, Rubicon Global has a resume that rivals many of the flashy consumer startups you’d find in the Valley.

Dubbed the Uber for trash, Rubicon’s software connects independent garbage haulers to businesses, with the goal of making trash pickup run more efficiently and ultimately diverting garbage away from landfills.

Rubicon has landed partnerships to haul trash at large corporations like 7-Eleven, the Salvation Army and Lumber Liquidators, and it recently landed municipal contract with the City of Atlanta, where the company is based.

Over the last few months Rubicon has started to bring on small businesses in the Chicago area who use its garbage technology.

It’s allowing companies more choice in their garbage collection, and helping disrupt an industry that’s dominated by Waste Management and other large trash collectors that own landfills.

Rubicon creates a moreGreen incentive model,” said Brian Simms, head of sales at Rubicon and a former early Groupon employee, by helping companies recycle more and track their waste over time.

Simms says Chicago is becoming an increasingly important market for Rubicon, and expects to be aTop five marketfor the company.