Are your clients and prospects that much different? I don’t think so, and it leads to a question about how well you serve them virtually.

Given this state of things, how easy is it for your clients to contact you? Do you truly know the results of your communication methods? There is no reason for your firm to not have a good idea of what is working and not working.

Are you confined to your office, your client’s home or maybe Starbucks? How proficient are you in facilitating this meeting virtually with your client? Many of us are very comfortable using FaceTime, Skype, Google Hangouts and other communication services in our personal lives, but we may not have leveraged this technology for our businesses.

You might prefer to meet with your clients in person, but is that their preference? Regular in-person meetings for many advisors are not as frequent as they used to be, which increases the importance of at least meeting virtually.

Once you get your clients used to meeting with you virtually, think about the benefits it offers you and your clients.

For some advisors, serving clients virtually may be daunting or not a highpriority.

With the focus on serving the next generation of wealth, we are learning that the virtual world is part of how these clients like to conduct their financial affairs.