September 23, 2021

Data Science Essentials for Start-ups: Where to start and how to prioritize

Dr. Jason Vandeventer


Dr. Jason Vandeventer - Director of Software Engineering and Data Science, Echelon DS

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Watch Webinar

Webinar Description

Data science projects can provide a world of opportunities for start-ups, but often understanding what's possible and how to prioritize can be the biggest hurdle to overcome. Couple that with not having the right resources or budget to hire data science staff. Join Echelon data science expert Jason Vandeventer in this webinar as he covers what is required for success for data science projects in small-to-medium start-ups. From understanding the different roles involved to common projects, this discussion will dive into all the areas a decision-maker should know about to ensure success. Lastly, Jason will outline some of the key patterns of artificial intelligence in this two part series designed to prepare growing businesses for their first data science projects.

Dr. Jason Vandeventer has extensive experience in academia, start-ups, and industry. He is a founding member of Soul Machines and has developed multiple, real-world AI systems for various companies, such as Duke Energy and Siemens. He has deep expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Amazon Web Services, and Python. As well, he has published numerous papers in the field of computer science and holds 3 patents


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