October 28, 2021

Data Science Essentials for Start-Ups: All About A.I.

Dr. Jason Vandeventer


Dr. Jason Vandeventer - Director of Software Engineering and Data Science, Echelon DS

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Webinar Description

Artificial Intelligence represents an opportunity for many start-ups, but incomplete data sets and poorly trained models can do more harm than good. So how do you know where to start an A.I. project, and what pitfalls to avoid – especially when you are scaling a business? Join Echelon DS' Director of Software Engineering and Data Science Jason Vandeventer for the second part of his webinar series on Data Science Essentials for Start-Ups. In this session, All About A.I., Jason will dive into what A.I. is, common use cases, and what is required for it to be successful. Additionally, Jason will walk through examples of when A.I. succeeds and when it fails (sometimes embarrassingly!). Whether your interest is to simply learn more about A.I. or to understand how to use A.I. in your start-up, this discussion is for you.

Dr. Jason Vandeventer has extensive experience in academia, start-ups, and industry. He is a founding member of Soul Machines and has developed multiple, real-world AI systems for various companies, such as Duke Energy and Siemens. He has deep expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Amazon Web Services, and Python. As well, he has published numerous papers in the field of computer science and holds 3 patents


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