May 11, 2021

Data Driven Startup

Isaac Faber


Isaac Faber - Co-Founder

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Watch Webinar

Webinar Description

Startups that master the use of data in their operations and product development have a significant edge in finding product-market-fit and scaling. However, many founders do not have a background in data and often rely on technical teams who also lack business and product expertise. The goal of the webinar is to present an approach to early founder education and data strategies for startups.

Isaac is a startup co-founder in the data science and artificial intelligence platform space. He also has significant government experience as the lead data scientist at U.S. Army Cyber Command and AI Task Force leading the architecting and deployment of the first operational big data platform in the DoD. He has a Ph.D. from Stanford where he researched risk management in cybersecurity using AI and human cooperation.