NEW YORK, NY 10/07/15 Vestorly Intelligence Center enables fast deployment of compliant cloud-based content and analytics platform for financial professionals.

Vestorly, Inc, the leading content aggregation and analytics company in financial services, headquartered in New York, N.Y., announced today the launch of Intelligence Center, an administrative dashboard for regulated enterprises and complex organizations that support the digital marketing efforts of its professionals.

Intelligence Center enables enterprises to control content configurations within the Vestorly product for any individual user or segments of users on the field, allowing for content sources like Wall Street Journal or Forbes to be managed just as easily as white papers, native content, or licensed content.

Companies with networks of professionals, agents and representatives can leverage Intelligence Center to control features, configurations, content approval workflows, data visualization, integrations with the Vestorly API, and audit histories all from one workflow.

Intelligence Center is the refinement of the administrative flow which enables an unprecedented level of configuration and control. Enterprises can feel like they have their own in-house content marketing software built to spec and made accessible for their population of representatives.” Intelligence Center allows for a new breed of content approval workflows with Vestorly’sApprove for One, Approve for Allfeature, which allows the enterprise toCrowdsourcecontent curation to the representatives in the field, reduce the workflow of compliance officers and provide real-time audit histories of content approval.

Vestorly remains the only content aggregation and display software with the ability to unlimited web content in real-time and reveal the identity and reading behavior of individuals in a given audience.

Each of these enterprises has their ownnetwork effectand Intelligence Center enables them to harness that data.” Vestorly’s intuitive and elegant interface enables businesses to engage their audience with the stories and content their audience cares about within a customized web browsing experience.