Vestorly, a New York City-based digital marketing platform for financial advisors, is offering a new, free service to help advisors acquire prospects and turn them into clients, the firm announced Wednesday.

The new service gathers more information about prospective clients than most digital marketing tools now available at a cost, says Justin Wisz, co-founder and CEO. It also sends newsletters and marketing materials that are compliant with regulations to clients.

Among the services provided, Vestorly’s platform will allow financial advisors to determine which client made a referral to a new prospect.

It also will track when a client forwards a newsletter or any other type of digital communication from an advisor to a third party.

If a client makes a referral or if a person submits a request for information from a financial advisor, the new software will gather whatever public information is available on the person so the advisor can personalize the sales pitch to that person, Wisz says.

The real challenge for digital marketing platforms is delivering actionable data that helps professionals convert new clients, as opposed to simple content distribution,” says Wisz.

Vestorly designed its new program to fill that data void by tracking all digital communications between prospective clients and the advisor and automatically gathering all public information about a prospect.