An article published this week in the journal Nature elaborates upon Google’s big AI win against a top-ranked human player in the ancient game of Go. AI system AlphaGo beat French champion Fan Hui in a five-game match at Google DeepMind’s London office in October.

The win is a breakthrough in Google’s continued investment in deep learning, branch of artificial intelligence that involves artificial neural networks in analyzing data.

AI algorithms are predicting that the Bank of Japan will be on hold as far as adding monetary stimulus to the market.

In a recent fundraising effort, content marketing company Vestorly raised $4.1 million to invest in implementing AI technology.

The company will continue using AI algorithms to help collect and narrow down content that may interest clients, saving advisers up to six hours a week in work.

AI technology is behind the tool Vestorly Suggestions, an automated email that uses algorithms to cross-reference an adviser’s intended message with search engine results and client’s stated interests.

Currently, Microsoft’s creative teams are using this set of algorithms on advanced computers that use graphics processing units, which researchers have found are also useful for advancing computer vision and natural language capabilities.