Wisz has seen other industries get past that inane practice to something more productive to the advisor and less annoying to their clients.

Since trading in the Advisor Leap model for Vestorly, Wisz has carved credible toehold in a new paradigm of automated marketing by automating rote marketing tasks to, as he puts it, “Reduce friction.”

At its most basic level, Vestorly is really just facilitatingdrip marketingthat advisors have done for years or decades in the form of newsletters, but done in a digital format and with some of the potential automation that’s available in the digital context,” he writes in an email.

Currently, Wisz says, advisors post content on LinkedIn andHope for the best.”

To what extent will clients accept/permit the advisor to have that kind of detail in their client browser about what they’re surfing to read in the first place?” See: The fine line between selling and stalking and where RIAs should walk.

The final question will still be to what extent is Vestorly drip marketing really converting into clients when the content is primarily third-party curated content, and not necessarily much that actually demonstrates the advisor’s skill set and expertise?”.

Vestorly does not claim that. What Vestorly does do, is reduce workflow around staying top-of-mind in a digital age, providing new data in the process. [Advisors] can make strategic decisions faster. Vestorly has shown to increase the total prospect list of an advisor by more than 17.2% per annum. When given a warm referral, some advisors are very good at converting them to clients and some are not.”