Digital content marketing provider Vestorly announced the launch of itsIntelligence Centeron Wednesday morning.

Vestorly, a startup founded in New York in 2012, is an online platform that lets businesses automate their content marketing across social media platforms, newsletters, websites and emails.

There are three 3 parts to the Vestorly application: the reader application for the public, the publisher application for the financial professional to use the real-time Web, and the administrative application to control that flow,” said Justin Wisz, CEO of Vestorly, in a statement.

Companies with networks of professionals, agents and representatives can leverage Intelligence Center to control features, configurations, content approval workflows, data visualization, integrations with the Vestorly API, and audit histories all from one workflow.

Vestorly is one of the only content aggregation and display software platforms with the ability to reveal the identity and reading behavior of individuals in given audience.

Vestorly says this feature will allow the business toCrowdsourcecontent curation to the representatives in the field, reduce the workflow of compliance officers and provide real-time audit histories of content approval.

Compliance and marketing teams can now collaborate much more effectively in managing the flow of approved content in a controlled environment, without sacrificing quality,” according to Vestorly.