Vestorly has a new artificial intelligence-fueled social media software that will save financial advisors time and supply leads.

Vestorly Inc., the data-enabled content platform for financial services, announced the release of Vestorly Social AI on Thursday.

Financial advisors will also have the ability to take control of the scheduling system if they wish to manually override and schedule multiple or individual social media posts for the future.

If you’re a financial advisor and you need to get clients, why go on social media? Why post news on social media?”.

Social AI shows how beneficial social media can be for advisors.

With Social AI, leads are captured, identified and attributed to their social media source while Vestorly provides additional data on content viewing behavior and uncovers newly discovered relationship opportunities for financial professionals.

The social media tool has been available to a percentage of clients already, but will now be available to all new and current clients.