Digital content marketing provider Vestorly announced on Wednesday that’s it’s offeringa free and comprehensive content marketing suitefor financial professionals.

The difference from similar content providers is the use of what CEO Justin Wisz calls itsSmart data techniquesto solve lead generation problems in wealth management.

Collates and organizes the data, thereby turning content shared with clients into referral opportunities.”

The real challenge for digital marketing platforms is delivering actionable data that helps professionals convert new clients as opposed to simple content distribution,” the former of which current platforms fail to offer.

Paid-for marketing tools may schedule, push and archive content across multiple digital channels, he argued, but typically lack the intelligence to identify, attract and convert new clients.

Vestorly’s mission is to power up the wealth management industry and its professionals with smart data that accelerates client acquisition,” Wisz continued.

Client acquisition is a science, not a gamble. With the data available now, professionals in wealth management can be more efficient in making smart decisions about how they communicate and grow.”