A merit-based lending company, I had the good fortune of serving as a partner at the VC firm Andreessen Horowitz, where I worked on a variety of things from analyzing data to better help our portfolio companies to early-stage fundraising.

Most entrepreneurs want to raise money from the most prestigious VC firms without realizing that certain firms are better fits at different stages of building your company.

For early stage companies, angels can often be a better fit than VCs. Go higher on valuation.

The best entrepreneurs are confident they are building a big company and want the capacity to make it successful.

For the great entrepreneurs there is no realistic end state they will just continue to build bigger and better companies.

When any VC asked about exits or acquisitions for Earnest during our first round, I’d explain that down the road there are lots of companies that we would look to acquire.

If you are building a world-changing company, you should too.