If you manage money professionally or write about it then using social media has become part of your day job.

Think about Carl Icahn tweeting about his decision to buy Apple or of Twitter tweeting to announce its own IPO. Though it hasn’t completely replaced traditional public relations and advertising, social media has created an earthy, authentic parallel publicity universe for making announcements and for new talent to be heard.

I’ve used Vestorly for years as a way of funneling casual social media contacts into actionable leads.

This no cost alternative for content marketing frees financial professionals from having to pay for content distribution services they are currently using for email newsletters, social media publishing services or digital content marketing hubs.”

The key functionality that separates Vestorly from other digital content marketing platforms is Vestorly’s ability to gather new prospective clients from the entire Web presence of a professional or firm. Vestorly captures the basic interaction between individuals and wealth management professionals. It then synthesizes user content views into better client service data and user content-sharing into new client referrals. Vestorly’s proprietary algorithms then facilitate the client acquisition process by collecting smart data on individual prospects.”

Vestorly allows financial professionals and firms to schedule automate email newsletters and social media posts, deploy lead-capture technology and harness smart data reporting on individual leads, among other functions.

Bottom line: For me, Vestorly leverages the power of social media and expands my reach by allowing clients and prospects to refer you to their friends and colleagues in a comfortable way that adds value to everyone involved.