Murat Sönmez, the head of the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and Member of the Managing Board of the World Economic Forum said: “New technologies are redefining industries, blurring traditional boundaries and creating new opportunities on a scale never seen before. Public and private institutions must develop the correct policies, protocols, and collaborations to allow such innovation to build a better future while avoiding the risks that unchecked technological change could pose.” Harvesting clean water from air Extracting clean water from air is not new existing techniques require high moisture levels and a lot of electricity.

On the other hand, solar power is an amazing source of energy, and that energy can be used to produce water from the air in low humidity conditions.

As the ambient air diffuses through the MOF, water molecules attach themselves to the porous material’s interior surfaces.

Sunlight heats up the MOFs, causing the water molecules to move to a condenser where the water vapor condenses into liquid water.

The device can extract about three liters of water from the air in 12 hours Another approach in making clean water from the air has been accomplished by an Arizona startup called Zero Mass Water.

With the Source system in place, three to five liters of water can be pulled from the air every day.

“Everybody thinks that way. I think that in a few years when people think about solar they’ll also think about water abundance.” Making liquid fuels from sunshine The basic question is this – How do we create artificial photosynthesis to generate and store energy? Tough question, right? But scientists have been working on the problem using metal-organic frameworks as a catalyst to split water molecules into water and hydrogen and then using the same hydrogen to convert CO2 into hydrocarbons.