The only sign of school rivalry surfaces when Gideon Silverman, a Stanford student, boasts thatStanford is the greatest incubator in the worldand venture backing behind Stanford startups would beOne of the largest economies in the world.” Saagar Kulkarni, a Harvard MBA, was quick to defend his school’s entrepreneurial prowess, as was Megan Terraforte from Wharton.

The opportunity to do hands-on work from the get-go in the heart of the Bay Area startup scene is alluring to MBAs.

Fitzpatrick says recruiting by startups for Harvard students is year-round.

Her office has made efforts to get small startups on campus as well as providing opportunities for students to travel to the Bay Area.

According to Fitzpatrick, career management staff at Harvard will do everything from extensive internet research-often using SpotRocket-to exhausting alumni lists to make connections for students with startups.

Hopping says her office has recently created marketing collateral and cheat sheets with info about what MBA students can do for early stage startups.

We are really working at helping the West Coast startup understand what they can get from a Wharton student.”