The Rice Alliance’s 12th Annual Energy and Clean Technology Venture Forum on September 11, 2014 is the largest energy and clean technology venture capital conference in the southwest.

This event represents an opportunity to learn about the latest emerging technologies, meet investors to seek funding, see promising companies, learn about investment opportunities, meet individuals from the energy & clean technology industry, learn about promising companies seeking to expand their management team, as well networking and learning opportunities for entrepreneurs, researchers, investment professional and business executives.

This is a must-attend event for anyone involved in the energy and clean technology community in the region.

The most promising emerging energy and clean technology companies will be invited to pitch in the one day event to 400-500 investors, industry participants and other attendees.

Companies will have an opportunity to pitch their company at the Forum, to meet 1-on-1 with investors during the Investor Office Hours, and to participate in the Company Showcase.

Alternative, clean or sustainable energy Oil & Gas exploration and production technologies Oil & Gas refining and marketing technologies Electricity and power generation Energy storage, transportation, efficiency or conservation Environmental remediation Software applications for the energy/clean tech industry Smart grid and other I.T. related companies to improve energy.

To gain access to investors and potential funding To see the most promising disruptive energy & clean technologies To attract potential customers To cultivate strategic relationships with industry players To meet promising technology companies To network with key service providers in the entrepreneurial and energy communities.