Nevada taxpayers, small businesses and the environment have been getting raw deal for decades when it comes to waste collection, but a bill in the State Senate will bring relief.

Nearly 70 percent of all solid waste in the United States is buried in landfills because a handful of national waste companies, which dominate the industry, are incentivized to put it there.

In Nevada, the deck is stacked particularly high in favor of these entrenched national waste companies, meaning that Nevada taxpayers, small businesses and the environment all lose.

These agreements ensure that every ton of residential and commercial waste is handled by the franchisee, locking-out dozens of home-grown, independent waste haulers from competing on price and service in the areas they know best.

To make things worse, the major waste franchisees in both southern Nevada and northern Nevada also own the major landfills in those regions, all but ensuring that recycling takes a back seat toFilling the holewith more garbage.

We’ve built a technology platform that analyzes our customerswaste streams, and we partner with independent haulers in Nevada like Western Elite, to find savings and sustainable opportunities using that data.

Michael Allegretti is Head of Public Policy at Rubicon Global. In January 2017, Forbes called Rubicon”the Uber of trashand saidIts software connects waste collectors with the waste creators, then makes sure the pickup runs smoothly.