Recruit best-in-class scientists and engineers, empower them to go from concept to viable first product, and position them on a path to market.

In its purest form, this is the strategy we set out to test in our pilot program.

We recruited eight innovators across six teams and gave them a small amount of funding, access to Berkeley Lab’s world-class tools and expertise, and mentorship from our program team and network for two years.

They’ve made scientific discoveries, scaled materials from flasks to giant reactors, broken world records, found markets, and signed customers.

Most importantly, we’ve built them a bridge to public and private funding that will support their efforts beyond our program.

One hundred percent of Cohort 1 teams have built a first prototype or secured the financing to do so during the program.

We recently announced the formation of our Leadership Council, a group of 22 luminaries from across the innovation ecosystem, including some of the world’s biggest companies.