Vestorly, a New York City-based startup co-founded by Wisz, may finally help them put some teeth into their efforts.

Advisors use the Vestorly platform to curate and share online articles, galleries or videos with their clients and prospects, either across social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, or in newsletters, websites and emails.

Firms can filter the content that pops up on their networks by keyword, topic or publication, and add preloaded FINRA-reviewed content to the mix, either their own or from firms like Forefield.

ThinkBest Places to RetireorUndiscovered Caribbean Resorts.” Every share by the client provides a new piece of data or a new lead to the advisor.

It’s a potentially game-changing tool for advisors, who have been relentlessly told to use social media andContent marketingbut never given the tools to turn those activities into measurable results, says Wisz.

An English major at Hampden-Sydney College, Wisz first worked as an account executive for Ken Fisher’s Fisher Investments, where he learned the power of getting leads from prospects requesting content.

The company’s 16 employees, all but a handful of them engineers and programmers, recently won a year-long residency at the midtown New York City start-up incubator Grand Central Tech, and are working on an enhancement which tracks and calculates the most successful content being shared across the entire platform.