French environmental services giant, SUEZ and Atlanta headquartered cloud-based waste and recycling firm, Rubicon Global, have entered into a strategic partnership.

The partnership will focus on improving service for municipalities through smart city innovation, helping city governments improve residential waste and recycling services through data collection and analysis, as well as fleet optimisation and efficiency.

In Europe, SUEZ aims to accelerate the digital transformation of its Recycling &Recovery Division, by improving its customer portal and creating digital platforms dedicated to scattered waste volumes.

SUEZ noted that while much of the waste industry is moving away from a linear to a more circular model, waste disposal methods are still mainly used in the United States.

Nate Morris, Founder, chairman and CEO of Rubicon Global added: “This is anew day for the global waste and recycling industry and an extraordinary opportunity to change the world.”

Waste is an issue that affects every single person living on the planet. Through technology and innovation, we can make it less expensive and more responsible, and this partnership with SUEZ will help us do just that,” concluded Morris.

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