Nate Morris, CEO and co-founder of Rubicon Global, says his company is trying a different approach.

Today, Rubicon announced it has raised $30 million, which it will use to scale operations across the country and invest in new recycling technology research.

Again, the more Rubicon can sell off, the more it gets paid.

We’re making sure all the incentives align for the first time in the waste industry.” In other words, unlike traditional haulers, Rubicon is most successful when it keeps trash out of landfills, not in it.

Garbage R&D. The success of Rubicon’s system depends on a software platform developed by the company.

Morris says a large portion of the money it just raised will fund the company’s Rubicon X division, the research and development lab where the company tests new recycling technology.

Already, Rubicon X is testing things like dumpster mounted cameras that enable the company to monitor the waste stream virtually and sensors that let them know when trash has been picked up.