Rubicon’s virtual marketplace allows local haulers to bid on their clientscontracts for hauling and disposal, while Rubicon’s software and associates help identify new methods for waste diversion and recycling tailored to each client.

Waste360: How is Rubicon’s work to identify recycling and diversion opportunities different that what recyclers and trash haulers already do?

NateMorris: Rubicon Global’s business model is unique because it helps customers save money, empowers small businesses and reduces environmental impact.

Waste360: Does Rubicon work with local waste management companies?

NateMorris: Rubicon Global works with customers to find the most cost-efficient, sustainable and creative solutions to handling waste and recycling.

Waste360: How has the reception been from the waste management industryfor Rubicon?

Nate Morris: By and large the industry has been supportive of theway Rubicon Global has democratized the marketplace and let smallercompanies compete for contracts that historically have gone to major, national companies.