BATAVIA – Progression on infrastructure to the Science and Technology Advanced Manufacturing Park in Alabama has not induced any new businesses to commit to the site.

Officials did not expand on references to “Project Flying Eagle” and “Project Dragon” after moving two matters to Thursday’s GCEDC meeting.

GCEDC Senior Vice President Mark Masse said the physical infrastructure needed for just the 1366 Technologies site is moving along.

In addition to the water project, road work and permitting for a sewer line between STAMP and the village of Medina are the current tasks.

“We’re building the road, we’re building the water, we’re build the infrastructure to make it a shovel ready site for 1366 and whoever wants to come in there,” Masse said.

Although landing one business could preclude another locating there, Hyde’s appeal maintains projections for more than $10 billion in investments, 11,000 jobs on site and 40,000 jobs regionally.

Amending the 2012 Incentive Zoning Agreement that covers the STAMP site to include a corridor of Crosby Road homes purchased by the county.