Report issued last year noted that cities across the globe threw away 1.3 billion tons of solid waste.

As more countries grow aware of the threats of piling solid wastes in the community and the economy, governments around the world have long started putting aside a sum to resolve the problem.

This year, however, may be different, according to #Rubicon Global’s VP of Sustainability David Rachelson, who expects the emergence of innovative technologies that can ease today’s solid waste problem.

Several solid waste management providers are seeing 2018 as a favorable year to save the environment.

The technology can be the solution to several municipalities, which have food waste making up a chunk of its environmental problem.

The United States’ solid waste is set to reach more than 400 million tons by 2024, throwing away, by far, the largest amount of food.

Overall, the solid waste management industry is poised to have a $340 billion value by 2024, according to the projections of Delaware-based market research and consultancy service provider Global Market Insights, Inc. “Ongoing adoption of optimized treatment techniques coupled with rising environmental concerns will drive the solid waste management market size. Increasing generation of municipal solid waste owing to large-scale urbanization will stimulate the industry growth,” the report said.