“The project will demonstrate the technology not yet seen in Australia – a product that produces clean, renewable, infrastructure-free drinking water extracted from the air using solar energy,” ARENA said.

Zero Mass Water vice president Rob Bartrop said the standalone design worked well for Australia.

The pilot phase of the project will also include a third-party study to investigate the environmental impacts of bottled water in Australia.

“Zero Mass Water’s project will create a product that offers a new application and market opportunity for the solar industry in Australia,” Mr Frischknecht said.

“Using a combination of solar photovoltaics with solar thermal technology, Source’s ability to create clean drinking water could be utilised to achieve positive solutions around water supply. The potential benefits of this technology to the environment are important.”

Each panel is capable of holding 30 litres of water in a reservoir, with standard arrays of two panels capable of holding double this amount.

The water produced by these panels has been tested to Australian drinking water contaminant guidelines.