You might not have guessed that your future house may also have different panels that generate drinkable water, too.

An Arizona startup called Zero Mass Water is manufacturingSolar-powered personal water production systemsthat collect water vapor from heated air.

The water vapor then becomes potable water after it has a chance to cooldown.

Notably, the Source panels don’t need an external power source to run, like other solar panels that also purify water, explains a blog post on the website for Duke Energy International a power holdings company, and a partner in the project.

In September, Zero Mass Water panels were installed in homes, at a school, and at a social services center with a medical clinic in Guayaquil, Ecuador, coastal city.

Zero Mass Water is working on an even bigger deployment, though: An installation of the water-generating solar panels is underway in Jordan.

Inverse reached out to Zero Mass Water to ask about its plans.