Zero Mass Water makes solar panel arrays that pull clean drinking water from the air.

Zero Mass arrays could come in handy in areas where water sources are far away or scarce.

A sustainable water startup called Zero Mass aims to make clean water easily accessible to more people around the world.

In 2015, it launched its first product, Source – a solar panel array that harvests and filters water from vapor in the air – in eight countries, including Chile, Jordan, and Peru.

Source can work anywhere, and many arrays are deployed in deserts where water is scarce, Friesen said.

Comprised of proprietary materials, the panels use sunlight to produce heat, which allows them to collect water vapor from the air.

“Although I feel sheepish saying something that bold, I feel confident since the technology is [deployed] across a huge range of places and the fact that it’s the best water you can get, it’s independent of infrastructure, it’s CO2-offsetting, and it pays back really quickly. The ultimate goal is for people to have a fundamental change in their relationship to water and have total independence around it anywhere on the planet.”