SOURCE is a solar-powered and self-contained device capable of harvesting up to 10 liters of clean drinking water per day from the air.

By harvesting water vapor from the air and condensing it into liquid, atmospheric water generators can essentially pull water from the air, and these devices hold a lot of promise for providing an independent source of drinking water.

Although drought-stricken regions and locations without safe or stable water sources are prime candidates for water production and purification devices such as those, residences and commercial buildings in the developed world could also benefit from their use, and they make a great fit for off-grid homes and emergency preparedness kits.

Earlier this year, I wrote about Zero Mass Water’s SOURCE device, which is a rooftop solar device that produces water instead of just electricity, but the pricing and availability weren’t quite clear then.

A standard SOURCE array is made up of two hydropanels, with additional panels added as needed for the water production or the local climate, and this self-contained unit is designed to be mounted onto the roof of a building, where it can then produce an average of 4-10 liters per day.

According to Zero Mass Water, even those in low-humidity and arid regions can put SOURCE units to work to generate water, which is a question that many skeptics of the system bring up.

“Our array on the Zero Mass Water headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona makes water year-long despite low relative humidity. The Phoenix-Metro area can get below 5% relative humidity in the summer, and SOURCE still produces water in these incredibly dry conditions.”