Soft Robotics today announced mGrip, an on-demand, modular automation robotic gripper kit that lets users quickly create, validate, and install production-ready soft robotic systems in minutes.

“Our customers have asked for the ability to quickly build and deploy our disruptive technology, and we have delivered with mGrip,” said Carl Vause, CEO of Soft Robotics.

Soft Robotics said each kit comes equipped the components needed “To build tools with limitless configurations and spacing options, solving even the most impossible picking challenges.” The company said its revolutionary gripping system “Has been validated in the most demanding production environments with customers around the world.”

The worldwide robotics end-of-arm tooling market has experienced significant growth over the last few years, and is expected to continue through 2023.

Using patents in the material science space, the company provides automation for industries including food and beverage, advanced manufacturing, and e-commerce.

Customers include one of the largest pizza retailers, a Fortune 500 consumer products company, and Just Born Quality Confections, the maker of Peeps marshmallow candy.

The company said mGrip is now available – customers interested in the product can learn more information at the company’s website.