Innovative robotics company to exhibit their latest gripping technology in Booth 9901 Looks to enable the snack & baking industries with packaging automation.

Soft Robotics technology is addressing this need for adaptable packaging of baked goods.

With new developments by Soft Robotics, a single end-of-arm tool on a robotic packaging system can now handle an unprecedented range of objects without the need for tool changes or software modifications between cycles.

Soft Robotics has demonstrated the ability to grasp difficult-to-handle products with variable characteristics with a single device utilizing their proprietary technology.

We continually look for opportunities in markets where our technology can help improve line production and overall efficiencies,” says Carl Vause, Soft RoboticsCEO.The baking industry is certainly one of those areas where delicate products cause issues for typical packaging machines, no matter if they are mechanical or robotic. Our technology allows robotic automation to address existing packaging needs, open new markets to robotics, is cost-effective, and can even increase worker safety.”

About Soft RoboticsSoft Robotics Inc. is commercializing a new class of roboticend-of-arm tool that can delicately and adaptively manipulate items of varyingsize, shape and weight.

By leveraging the science of soft robotic actuators, the company is automating facilities that have traditionally depended on manual labor for material handling applications in the fresh-cut produce and consumer packaged goods industries.