Waste management and recycling have taken on increased importance as retailers commit to corporate sustainability goals. Chain Store Age spoke with Perry Moss, chief advisor at Rubicon, about challenges, best practices and how technology is impacting waste management operations.

What are the top recycling and waste management challenges facing retailers? Education, program execution, and accountability remain a key challenge in recycling and waste management practices in the retail space.

How has technology impacted waste management? Technology has provided the ability to capture the impact of recycling and waste activities and develop benchmarks to know where a company is starting from and how it can grow in the future.

What solutions does Rubicon offer retailers in waste management and recycling? Rubicon is a software company that provides smart waste and recycling solutions for businesses and governments worldwide.

Our mission is to end waste by helping Rubicon’s partners find economic value in their waste streams and confidently execute on their sustainability goals.

Our solution for retailers is a one-stop- shop technology platform for waste collection visibility that includes real-time service requests and confirmation, bill payment, financial reporting, regulatory and environmental mandate awareness, complete service data, and sustainability/diversion data across all customer locations for all waste and recycling streams.