Skreens is how you seamlessly combine multiple HDMI signals into one high definition output with absolutely no lag.

Skreens is powered by patent-pending innovation at the silicon layer the Skreens Media Accelerator.

Choose from Basic and Pro Models Skreens: Basic Units provide you with the ability to combine HDMI inputs and web content into a single screen.

Compatible HDMI inputs can be controlled directly from the iOS or Android Skreens Controller app.

Output the audio coming through the Skreens device directly to the iOS or Android Skreens Controller app.

Full Access to the Developer API. Create your own controller! Using a RESTfulAPI, you can control layouts, HDMI inputs, transparency and any of the otherfeatures through a simple API. Streamer Must-Haves: Video scaling, priority, cropping, chroma-key and transparency Exclusively through KickstarterSkreens will not be available through retail until late 2016.

We’re EVEN MORE STOKED to break through our second stretch goal! There’s been considerable demand on the commercial side and with a recent purchase we’ve funded everything needed to unlock one-button streaming for all Plus Four Pros! This is incredible and we’re so happy to get this into your hands! Stream and record with a single button.