More often in the media, you hear the term “climate crisis” than you do “climate change,” which reflects the increasing urgency to make social amends on our growing environmental impact. Just as much as our sustainable technologies are advancing, so is the risk of permanent damage to our ecosystems due to human development. The term “crisis” insists that solutions be pursued, which is precisely what many companies are striving for.

This week, we’d like to highlight 6 companies that are setting the example for what it means to make environmental change. These brands are creating consumer-friendly solutions in clean water, energy, agriculture, and more. They not only lead in innovative solutions, but in the personal dedication and resolve of the teams that built them.

HighTide: Action-oriented sea level rising consulting
Among the biggest environmental changes set for the future are sea levels rising and ocean acidification. Not only will this cause permanent changes to our urban architecture, but is coming faster than many realize. HighTide cites that by the year 2100, over 97 cities in Florida could lose 1,000+ buildings to rising sea levels.

In order to act fast and provide solutions for the public, HighTide offers vulnerability assessments and data-driven solutions for coastal cities. Their team of Stanford engineers helps leaders understand the risks of rising sea levels of property tax revenues and develop solutions to adapt and resist property loss for communities at large. This end-to-end solution gives coastal homes, businesses, and public properties a fighting chance to adapt and prepare for a rapidly changing future.

Fervo Energy: Clean energy solutions using innovative geothermal technology
Decarbonization is another immensely complex task to adapt to fast-approaching environmental crises for the next generation. It is through a myriad of solutions in renewable energy and energy reduction that we can create a sustainable future. One of these solutions is geothermal energy, which Fervo Energy is revolutionizing now.

Fervo is focused on developing new technologies in drilling techniques, fiber-optic sensing, and cloud-based analytics. With these additions, they believe that geothermal renewable energy can lead the transition to a carbon-neutral future.

Source: Perfect drinking water created from sunlight and air
Water sourcing is often overlooked in talks of sustainable reform. However, the way in which most communities obtain their drinking water requires immense amounts of plastic, energy, and non-sustainable infrastructure. With few sources for sustainable drinking water, one company is taking the opportunity to revolutionize the way we provide for homes and communities.

Source has created the world’s first renewable drinking water system. Their patented hydro panels use sunlight to create pure drinking water and can be delivered directly to the faucet or tap. With off-grid capabilities, these hydro panels not only provide a sustainable solution for city water and individual residences but also to rural and impoverished communities without access to clean water.

Source has also recently expanded to plastic-free bottling, with which proceeds go to providing water to communities in need. For each liter sold, one liter of Source water is provided to areas such as Guajira, Wayuu Tribal Land in Bahia Hondita, Colombia. This company is proving to the world that a sustainable and healthy future for all is possible.

Larkly: Refillable, reusable, and mineral-based sunscreen
Revolutionizing consumer products is just as essential to curbing the effects of climate change as are large-scale public resources. It is often the consumers who make the first steps needed for real change to happen, which is why Larkly is working at the consumer level to change the way we purchase for ourselves and our families.

Their mineral-based reusable sunscreen product provides several benefits to consumers and the environment. Unlike traditional sunscreens, Larkly’s mineral product is applied in a translucent powder which is more comfortable on the skin than SPF lotions. The sunscreens are also reef-friendly, come in reusable packaging, and contain only natural ingredients.

Nitricity: Fertilizer produced from only air, water, and renewable electricity
Today’s market for nitrogen fertilizer is highly limited and impacts the environment in several major areas. First, it is typically supplied by coal and natural gas as opposed to sustainable sources, which is only furthered by a fossil-fuel-dependent supply chain needed to reach farms around the developed world. This complex supply chain often does not reach developing farms which can inflate prices of agricultural products in communities that need fertilizer the most. With no reliable and sustainable source for fertilizer, farms are left with very few good options.

Enter Nitricity Inc. Grown out of Stanford Climate Ventures, Nitricity has developed an onsite and electrified solution for nitrogen fertilizer production. The company fundamentally shifts focus in the fertilizer industry from factories and freight to farmers and their fields. Nitricity puts the power back in farmers hands to optimize nitrogen delivery and reduce waste runoff.

Rubicon: Smart waste and recycling solutions
Most of us have plainly seen the tragedy of waste in modern societies. It begins in our trash cans, makes its way into our oceans, and finally washes up on the beaches of less developed nations. And eventually it ends up in our food and drinking water sources, too. The waste problem is a frightening one to tackle, but Rubicon is paving the way for solutions that last.

Rubicon is a smart waste and recycling platform for businesses, governments, haulers, and partners worldwide. Their leading software tools for operational development, sustainability, and reporting are aimed at the ultimate goal of a zero-waste society. Through the company’s suite of innovative solutions, cities and businesses everywhere can reach their sustainability goals faster.

By supporting businesses like these six and many others within the B-Corporation family, our communities can pave the way for a sustainable future. It takes every individual willing and ready for a change to make it happen, which is why we encourage you to get to know these emerging brands. Click here for more inspiring stories.