In recent years, dining out has become much more intricate than simply making a reservation, arriving at the restaurant, and eating.

One of the latest trends is the pop-up dinner party and Denver’s most recent devotee to this phenomenon is Silver Spork Social. Conceived and executed by Paul Laurie, a Colorado native (his brother is Jonny 5 of the Flobots), a Silver Spork evening features about 30 guests—you have to be referred by someone to get in—a local chef and bartender, and an accompanying band.

Laurie’s aim is to bring together Denver’s creative and culinary professionals and just see what happens.

What ensued was a six-course, small plate feast from chef Dakota Soifer of Boulder’s Cafe Aion. And after the musical chairs migration, Laurie had everyone don a blindfold and sample an oyster mushroom polenta—his multisensory ode to a three-hour tasting dinner he once had in a darkened Middle Eastern restaurant.

Accompanying each course were cocktails from bartender Raquel Tully from Old Major, who mixed and matched drinks to complement the flavors.

For the $90 per head charge, guests were able to eat, drink, chat, and maybe make a few new friends—which is all you could ask from any dinner party.