After a whirlwind year, Sidnee Peck has stepped down as CEO of Smart Brain Aging Inc. to turn her attention to a Scottsdale-based company that makes solar panels that produce clean drinking water.

Peck was the CEO for Smart Brain Aging in 2016 but left the startup in December because of professional differences, she said.

Smart Brain Aging is a Scottsdale-based provider of brain training therapies for the prevention and treatment of mild cognitive impairment and early-stage dementia.

Peck also teaches lean launch and venture capital classes at ASU. She was the former director of ASU’s Center for Entrepreneurship at W.P. Carey School of Business but left that job in October 2015 for Smart Brain Aging.

Students need to see the reality of startup life,” Peck said.

As a well-known startup advocate in the community, Peck still does special projects for ASU’s Dean Amy Hillman with the business school, she added.

Zero Mass Water, which has been delivering its solar panels and clean water for the past year and a half in three continents, provides anIncredible opportunityfor Peck, she said.