The ultimate goal, explains Empower’s founder Warren Hogarth, is to have Empower be able to fully replace your bank’s app.

We want to help you take action to get ahead without you having to exit the app, go to your bank app, remember you password, move money around from one place, you have control of everything,” he says.

Prior to starting Empower around a year ago, Hogarth had spent the past seven and a half years as a partner at Sequoia, where he saw first-hand how modern fintech startups were helping change the way people approached managing money, payments, and investing.

To get started, you search in the app for banks and financial firms where you have accounts, then login to add them to Empower.

Once your accounts are added, Empower can show you where you’re spending your money broken down by category, or alert you if you’re spending more than your pre-configured limit.

Of course, some banks already offer reporting and analysis tools built into their own apps, but Empower aims to do more in time.

Empower doesn’t attempt to set up its own white-label savings account it lets you transfer money into an account you already operate.