A Scottsdale-based company providing clean drinking water to communities around the globe is launching its online sales today in the Phoenix metro area for its solar panels.

Zero Mass Water Inc., an Arizona State University spin-off company, sells solar panels that make pure water from vapor in the air.

The company has been delivering its solar panels and clean water for the past year and a half in three continents, including in Jordan, Dubai, Ecuador, Mexico, Philippines, Indonesia and the U.S., said CEO and founder Cody Friesen.

Everyone either gets their water from a government source or from bottled water.

When people purchase a solar panel, they’re sharing the cost of another panel with Zero Mass Water to be installed for a family with no access to safe water who can’t afford a panel on their own.

Zero Mass Water’s Source solar panels water flows through a mineral block to add calcium and magnesium to make the waterTaste great,” he said.

The water source is installed to dispense directly into the home’s kitchen, providing families with clean, drinking water.