The average money-market account is yielding just 0.22 percent, Bankrate’s weekly survey found Wednesday.

The top money-market rate on the platform is 2.4 percent.

Rates on certificates of deposit can approach 3 percent on one-year CDs, and can go even higher if you’re willing to lock up your money for at least two years.

A few of the banks offering more than 2 percent on savings deposits are higher-profile brands trying to win new business.

TIAA Bank offers an account yielding 2.15 percent.

State Farm Bank is offering 2.1 percent, while Barclays Plc and Goldman Sachs Group Inc.’s retail-banking unit Marcus each offer 2.05 percent.

Investing startup Robinhood Financial LLC is entering the arena as well, with a new checking and savings product that promises a 3 percent interest rate.