A US-based company has launched a new solar “Water from air” device in Cape Town to alleviate some of the pressure placed on municipal and groundwater supply.

Speaking at the launch, US consul general in Cape Town Virginia Blaser explained that the device, dubbed SOURCE, uses sunlight and air to make safe, pure drinking water.

Powered entirely by solar, the device extracts water vapour from the air and converts it into liquid water similar to distilled water, Fin24 reported.

According to the Arizona-based firm, the device utilises an ultra-absorbent material that collects water from the air around it in even arid conditions.

An average of 3 to 5 litres of water is produced per panel per day.

“Cody Friesen, Zero Mass Water’s founder and CEO said:”About half a trillion litres of bottled water are sold each year at a huge cost and use of plastic.

Friesen noted that there was “Endless” scope to apply the device in municipalities with failing infrastructures or homes where families were looking for better drinking water, adding that the device had technology installed for emergency situations, he added.