With “Zero waste” aspirations running up against contamination and recycling market realities, it’s become confusing for businesses wanting to do their part.

The “RUBICONMethod” outlines how to set up and maintain a successful business recycling program in six steps with a familiar acronym.

What we set out to do really was to put our best practices into a universal tool to help businesses and municipalities better understand how to run a successful recycling and waste reduction program.

So the solution is not to change back to multi-stream recycling, but to determine how to maximize and gain the intended benefit of recycling in single-stream and to help customers contaminate less and ultimately recycle more.

In terms of how we do it, I alluded earlier to the route density, which helps lower the fixed costs for haulers, and that is something that’s fundamental to scaling the ability to recycle cost effectively in small and medium business.

On the flip side of that, we’ve seen a lot of big companies set corporate sustainability goals that include recycling.

Beyond National Sword, what recycling or circular economy trends will you be watching in 2018?