Dive Brief: Waste tech company Rubicon Global announced its RUBICONSmartCity technology is now available for procurement through the Amazon Web Services marketplace.

Rubicon’s SVP of Policy and Strategic Initiatives Michael Allegretti explained to Smart Cities Dive that this latest update gives city governments the ability to purchase the waste technology “With one click” by way of their existing contracts with AWS. “Nothing is different about the customer experience,” he said.

The tech offerings are broken down by city size, but Allegretti explained Rubicon “Will work with cities on a case by case basis, as needed, and create a bespoke offering if the template one does not work specifically for them.”

As cities become smarter, traditional operations such as waste and recycling collection will need to adopt technological advancements to keep up.

While Atlanta is a fairly large city with a population of about 486,000, Allegretti touts Rubicon’s existing partnerships with smaller cities like West Memphis, AR. “I think there’s often a misconception that in order to be a smart city and to have access to game changing technology and the latest thing, you need to be big,” he said.

Outside of the RUBICONSmartCity platform, Rubicon has been developing other innovations that can alter how cities and sanitation employees can manage their waste operations.

“Our biggest business challenge is keeping up with the demand that we’re getting from cities so it’s an open question: Will being part of the AWS Marketplace help to accelerate that growth? I believe it will.”