Dive Brief: Rubicon Global’s smart cities data program is now running in more than 20 municipalities, as first announced at a WasteExpo panel.

“They’re able to now say to that prospective city purchaser, ‘Not only will I have a good price and good service, but I’m going to collect data for you – data you might not even be asking for – and proactively share it with you to prove that I’m doing what I say I’m doing in terms of service quality. To give you insight into the waste stream of your city.'”.

Rubicon is by now well-known for the services it offers to businesses, with all of the promises around sustainability, data collection and routing efficiency that entails.

The company touts an estimated 750,000 “User locations” serviced by more than 5,000 hauling partners.

The same app concept hauling partners use for commercial service is what is now being tailored for the needs of individual cities with biweekly updates.

At last year’s WasteExpo, Allegretti presented about how collection vehicles could be “Roving data centers” capturing information on street conditions, traffic patterns, property vacancies and much more.

Based on these initial partnerships, Allegretti said Rubicon has begun to see that many local governments either don’t have the ability to capture useful data, or have more data than they know how to analyze.